Long-lasting adhesive power and simple cleaning features characterise INTENSE GRIP. The natural handball resin with its strong adhesive power allows you to have precise control of the ball. With INTENSE GRIP we provide the add-on that you as a player require in order to give your optimum performance. Your benefit for Sport. The resin is suitable for contact with skin and rosin-free.


POWER GRIP is based on natural resin, without any artificial aromas or colouring agents. As a handball resin, this specially developed solution combines strong sticking strength with simple cleaning properties, in particular with INTENSE CLEAN. A thin layer of POWER GRIP lasts longer, even with sweaty hands, thus providing power for the successful throw.


The dual material mix distinguishes our product Ultra Grip. Different high-quality raw materials meet each other and merge into one of the best handball resins. Natural handball resin – strong adhesive strength – free from colofonies – kind to the skin.


All you need for handball. SPORTADD is specialised in handball, among other sports. As well as INTENSE GRIP, our natural and rosin-free handball resin for perfect ball handling, we offer with INTENSE CLEAN a product line for the problem-free cleaning of hall floors.


After the game, resin residues on the hands are unavoidable. To avoid staining doors, changing rooms, etc. we recommend our unique Cleaning Wipes. Without any effort they remove these resin residues from your hands before dirt is transferred. INTENSE CLEAN removes resin and other stubborn stains gently from hall floors without any pre-treatment.